Espn 30 for 30: 9.79

Ever since I heard this was going to be on TSN 2, daily I would frantically search the channels looking for it. AH HA! I found it and quickly aimed my remote control in gun-pointed-at-bad-guy fashion at the  willing shooting victim, my TV. I finally got the documentary I have long been waiting for. Keep in mind that I am not writing a review of the doc, but merely stating an opinion I have. I am neither right and nor is it wrong. It is what it is.

I want to state for the record, Ben Johnson has always been a hero to me and I never changed my respect for him after the Seoul Olympics. I will explain later, my reasoning for this statement.

The documentary does a good job of being as objective as it can be. It was the documentary’s participants that swayed pendulum between those who I believed and did not believe. My gut feeling all along is that everyone uses drugs in sport. I won’t sugar coat it and I won’t jump up and down screaming bloody hell. There are far worse things in the world happening, sports steroid drug use ranks very low on my totem pole of important items. There I said it.

Carl Lewis does a brilliant job of making himself out to be an egotistical larger than life person. He feels he is so righteous that you want to literally scream. We all have those people we know who are just so full of themselves that they emit a sort of bad-person-pheromone-laden fog that makes you want to vomit on sight or on them. I didn’t like him back then and I still don’t like him now. Karma will rear its head at some point.

As for Andre Jackson, the last line of the movie said it all to me. It was along the lines of “Maybe I did, Maybe I didn’t, what happened in Seoul cannot be invalidated”. Hello! That’s as solid a statement as saying “Yea I did it”. The fact that he is linked back to Carl and Joe (who happens to be a spitting image of Ross Perot and sounds like him too),  planted Andre in the testing room makes the link to the conspiracy all the more valid in my eyes.

The movie details how the Dubin inquiry ripped apart the story and got to the pure truth of the matter. Oddly enough only Canada put their athletes on trial. No other country followed suit. We hung Ben and his team mates out to dry. He seemingly handled it well and admitted that he took steroids via Doc Astaphan. It is kind of ironic that the good doc’s name also sounds like a steroid. Additionally it covers scientist who themselves admitted that the data collected through lab tests at the LA Olympics Games went missing and the offenders were never punished. Everyone was guilty, but the desire to win at all costs is readily apparently.

Why do I admire Ben?  I admired Ben because he was bullied in school and overcame that situation and won. I was bullied in school and I appreciate what he went through. It’s not fun. Secondly, he is the fastest man in the world in my eyes. Sure he doped up, but I firmly believe everyone on that line doped up including the one and only Carl Lewis.  Doping or no doping, he dropped a 9.79! Secondly, the country left Ben for dead, and I thought this was no way to treat a human being. This is a sport for goodness sakes. Lives are not dependent on sport for survival. He never killed anyone, he never hurt anyone physically.  He shouldn’t be treated so vilely.

In summary, I loved the documentary. I thought it was well done. It does point out some obvious flaws by some very credible people. Scientists, athletes etc all contributed to the rise of steroids in sport.  I don’t ever see a fall happening. The dopers will be one step ahead of lab technicians from here to eternity. I don’t see my last statement as a negative statement. I see it as a fact, just like sky is blue.  Now may the best scientist win…


One response to “Espn 30 for 30: 9.79

  1. I came away from this doc feeling that the only sprinter in that race who was clean the whole way through was Calvin Smith…..and he’s proud to say that and he’s darn proud of the bronze medal he was awarded.

    Carl is so egotistical that I actually felt a little sympathetic towards Ben….just for a moment.

    Is it the end of the world that Ben Johnson doped up in order to win? Nope. I dislike the guy because he stared the Canadian public straight in the eye and denied. He flat out lied……until he got caught. I lost all respect for him. He basically decided that it was more important to break the rules and win as opposed to compete with honor and ethics.

    He said he didn’t want to tell his mom about the drug use because she wouldn’t like it. That’s the moment where I knew Ben’s priorities and ethics were out of whack.

    But he got his 15 minutes of fame……and now they’re in a cardboard box in his basement. Hope it was worth it.

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