Collection Intervention TV show

I am hooked on this show. I am not one to watch much TV other than sports related programming, but this one has been amazing to watch.

I can relate to some of the folks on this show. I know what it feels like to have a collection take over your life. Mind you, my collection never took over the house, nor did it take over my collections room. The common thread I found was that it was not being shown off/displayed/ organized properly.

Lucky for me I married my best friend and she has helped me immensely in terms of getting organized. My collections room is a hell of a lot more streamlined than it was in the past. Thanks wifey!

Another common thread was the emotional attachment that some of these collectors had with the collections. Part of me had that issue as I had a not so nice childhood between the ages of 12 and 20. Yes I know 20 is not a child but I sure acted like one sometimes. I used the cards to escape from the world and forget about all the problems I was facing at the time. One of the things my wife helped me with was to become a bit more secure in the person I am and understand how the past has made me a better person today. I hope some of these collectors get the chance to see the “light” and go that route. It is somewhat disturbing to know that I felt comfortable in being miserable. I am 38 now and have finally feel that I am more secure in who I am and who I can be.

I have changed my collecting habits by shrinking it down to one or two players (Wade Belak and Wendel Clark). I also try to upgrade other pieces instead of hoarding them. This helps with being organized and gives me the same satisfaction.

Outside of that, this show has showed me some really really cool collections. Stuff that I didn’t even know was collected. For example, Hanna Barbara, who’da thunk people collected that stuff. It’s a great show, you should check it out!

Collection Intervention



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