A term easily misunderstood by non-collectors

I had an epiphany that resulted in my laughing out loud in a room at work full of people. I laughed so hard I had to leave the room. It might not be funny to most but it was funny to me

Imagine being in a room full of suits. They are all talking about the game last night. That game could be the Oilers playing [insert who you would like here]. Picture all the dudes just arguing, spewing useless and somewhat falsified stats about player x and player y.  Each person is so engrossed in their own argument that they are not paying attention to anyone outside the core group involved in the discussion.

Picture this newbie, just itching at a chance to get in with the cool crowd. For reasons unknown to even him, he decided to jump into the conversation with his own take on all the excitement. Excitedly he states “ Man he is so wickedly awesome, I so hope I pull him”. The chatter stops, everyone stares at the poor fellow and instantly he realizes what he has done. He has officially become the office dolt. The first thought on everyone’s mind is a sexual one. They think the dude is crazy and immediately the pack disbands leaving our poor fellow all alone, sweating buckets over his “mistake”.

That is what brought me to my laughing fit. We take for granted the language we choose to use in this hobby and never really think how anyone outside of the hobby would interpret it. I hope you found it funny


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