2011-12 ITG Enforcers: Bloody Battles

I will admit that I sometimes take things for granted. Especially when it comes to ripping cards. I no longer have the luxury of time that I had as a kid to sit down and read the back of each card. I have reached a point where I even despise getting base cards. Every now and then I come across a nice looking card and I will stop right away. I scan the card visually and flip it over wondering what is on the back. Well ITG Enforcers was one of those cards that I made me stop more than a few times while sorting the cards into my binders or whatnot.  My favorite player is Wendel Clark and I stopped on this particular card you will see below. In the game did a really good job of the writing for these cards. Very well done Dr. Price. What was even more striking is that I started to look up some of the fights and the artist did a very good job of capturing a pivotal moment in the fight. Another job well done.

As with any research that is done on cards, I have to mention the bias towards the experiment or lab results. I am a big fan of the enforcers in the game of hockey. Naturally I would stare longer at these cards that other sets. For those of you who are not sure what I am trying to get at, I will use this analogy. The inspiration of this analogy comes from the movie “A Beautiful Mind”. Keep in mind I said inspiration, it has nothing to do with the forever famous reports by that brilliant mind.

If you are into blondes, you will stare at them more than brunettes. Hence you will tend to stop when an attractive blonde walks by over a brunette. There analogy done, now look below at the pic!!Wendel Clark top left.

So here are the cards I was looking at.. Enjoy!


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