Quality versus Quantity

Having worked in the advertising industry, I have come to learn one thing about blogging. Quality over quantity is key to blogging success. The problem arises when you consider that most of those who review blogs, need to see content almost daily. Thus violating the rule that I just posted. HaHa!

I am working a full time job that is never 9 to 5 and so I struggle when it comes to posting daily. In my mind’s eye, I’d rather not post junk.
Pardon the delays and I will post shortly something worth of the interweb.




2 responses to “Quality versus Quantity

  1. For me, blogging has always been for me……not for anyone else.

    I am happy that people enjoy what I have to write and I like when people comment, but I blog because I want to get my ideas out there for me.

    If nobody read what I had to say and nobody commented, I would still blog. Sure some of my posts might be different, but it’s my topics on my schedule.

    That said, I enjoy reading blogs that have some semblance of quantity. I don’t usually get drawn to sites where a person posts once a month. I like the once or twice a week rates.

    Obviously there are always exceptions.

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