Brett Lawrie Razor Signatures auto


Since most of the Bowman Chrome auto’s are way out of reach from a cost perspective, I managed to settle on this particular find. Brett Lawrie Razor Signatures auto

I love watching Brett play ball. He is a big strong player who treats baseball like a hockey game. He has that Pete Rose-esque attitude as you can see by the way slides into the catcher trying to score a run. Most of all, I like that he is very uniquely Canadian in the game full of Americans . By this I mean, I can identify with the way he plays given I am a hockey fan first.
The Jays have some awesome hitting power and I can see him being a huge factor down the stretch if they can sort out their pitching woes.

Every time I see Brett play, the first thought to my mind is Bam Bam from The Flinstones.

Thanks Brett for making baseball fun again in Toronto. Nothing against the monster Joey Bats who is one of my favorites as well. But being Canadian puts Brett slightly ahead of him in my favorites ranking.

Bring em home Brett!


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