Nazem Kadri: Give the kid a break! Donruss Elite Hockey

Every time I pull a Nazem Kadri card in my breaks, I can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness. I can’t understand why the hockey Gods don’t give this guy a break with the big club. I personally feel that maybe he deserves a break with another club. A club that will cherish his offensive flair. Teams gave Alex Kovalev, the Kostitsyn brothers a chance to shine while they all share their one dimensionality style of play.

Here is a cool card i pulled during a break of Panini or Donruss Elite. On a selfish level, I would love to see him play. But life isn’t fair and we deal with it the ways we can. If he doesn’t stick next year, I hope to dear God he goes somewhere where he will be appreciated. Just not the Rangers, it was bad enough he had bad coaching thus far, I couldn’t bear to see Torts rip him a new one lol. If he can survive under Dale Hunter, He can survive anywhere in my opinion!

Wish you the best of luck Kid!

Give the kid a break! Come on mang!


3 responses to “Nazem Kadri: Give the kid a break! Donruss Elite Hockey

  1. Euro2012 just finished and one thing I learned from it is that Spain didn’t need size. Silva who scored first had skinnier arms than mine and Im not considered big by any standards. Juan the 2nd goal scorer was shortest in celebration for his goal among his peers. Spain has talent, speed and a teamness to them. Let Kadri BE. Where he lacks in size, he has speed and magical hands. He got a few games last year and was shelved and downgraded and humilated over and over again. But that coach who played armstrong over Kadri (Armstrong: who was a master of changing the game’s momentum from focus on scoring to cheap plays and drawing everyone’s attention away from the game) is GONE. Hopefully this new coach will put some courage back in the kid.
    And as die hard fan as I am where I don’t miss a second of every single game in the season, I want this kid to move onto somewhere he’s appreciated. I’d hate to watch him go but love to prosper in another team.

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