Stock Photo’s for Hockey Cards

Hockey cards in general feature mostly action shots. This is such a high paced game, you rarely see “boring” shots. Score has the net cam shots as an example. The negative aspect of having an action shot is that you are prone to show photo’s of athletes that are quite comical. For instance, take a look at this Pulashaj image on the Panini Calder Contenders card. I wonder what was going through his head at the time of this shot.

A. Palushaj

-Please tell me Zdeno ain’t firing that thing over here

The Bruins are on a power play. Chara has the point. Chara winds up and fakes the shot. He passes it back and forth with the other Bruins players. In an instant he finds his shot and winds up.

Palushaj is out the penalty kill. He is wondering to himself “Why am I on the penalty kill? Oh right Gomez can’t be here“. Palushaj works the player in front of Price. In fact he tries to hide behind him. He thinks ” Wow Chara is big. Oh &*^^ he is winding up”. He sees Shawn Thornton and pretends to push him out of the way of Price. “If I can get in behind him, I will get extra padding“.

Chara winds up the shot and lets it rip. Palushaj hear’s the shot and the world suddenly went cold. He wonders if the adoption process is an easy process. He knows that a jock won’t help him any longer. The pain is excruciating, so much so that his jaw is locked. His body no longer able to move. He just got Chara’ed.



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