Blood is thicker than water

I was fortunate enough to have 2 younger brothers. Both served as great playmates and occasionally, they made for great target practice. Haha! Just kidding.

The three of us played together since we were children. We are older now but the love of for each other is still very strong. We now share that love with our extended families. However there is still plenty of room for a good argument or two. J

The 2012 NHL Entry Draft had a hidden theme, “blood is thicker than water”. The brothers Schenn were reunited in Philadelphia and 2 of the brothers Staal reunited in Carolina.

I am sad to see Luke leaving Toronto as I really enjoyed his style of play. I think he will do much better in Philly than in Toronto. Unfortunately I feel that the Leafs screwed him up. He didn’t know if he was going left or right by the end of this time with the Leafs. Some say that Ron had a lot to do with that. My gut feel is that the organization is responsible for the misguided “coaching”. I hope playing with Brayden allows Luke to reach stellar heights.

I am sure Mother Schenn won’t have to worry about the older brother slamming the younger with a good body check. I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that Luke drops the gloves a bit more often to protect Brayden. Now that would be a fun fight to watch.

Like the Sutters, the Staal brothers are a force to be reckoned with. Thoroughbred horses of men and equally as talented at putting pucks on net. Rutherford should have quite the team rolling forward. My gut tells me that Carolina will be in the playoffs next year.  Let’s just hope their roughhousing doesn’t involve any of the men in blue moving forward. At least now I believe all are over the age of 21, which puts a certain law to bed.

The most celebrated brother combo in Hockey has to belong to the Sutter brothers. Born and raised in Viking, Alberta in farm country. It is very fitting that they were all born in Viking, a truly fitting moniker for their NHL careers. What I would love to see produced by a hockey card manufacturer is an on card 7 player autograph card of all 7 Sutter brothers. That would be a part one of a two card set. The second card would be an autograph card of the future Sutter (2nd generation) on another card. The two cards together make up a complete set. Now that would be a cool card to own. I have immense respect for the Sutter family and would be proud to have players like that playing on my Leafs right now. Mind you we were blessed to have one Sutter on the Leafs.

I would have to search for it, but I believe there might be a triple autograph card of the Stastny brothers. I could be wrong but they deserve a card just for them. Marian, Anton and Peter were awesome players to watch growing up.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Richards, Plagers, Brotens, Hunters within this post. I am sure that I am forgetting many others.


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