A smile wouldn’t hurt

I want to create a mission statement for myself with respect to the hobby. “Smile, it is what it is”. I find far too many people are negative about the hobby in general. Mind you, this could be just a handful of “boardies” who give me the impression that life sucks when it comes to collecting sports cards. I am convinced that there are many many more collectors who do not make the daily sojourn to a hobby board of their choice to speak about their passionate collecting habits. Yet it only takes one rotten apple to spoil it for others.
The point of this hobby is that it is a hobby. The word “hobby” by definition “an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation“. With that being said, why do you gripe about something that you would supposedly enjoy. My opinion is that if you are so bothered by the “hobby”, it isn’t the hobby for you.
I strive to be positive and surround myself with positive people and I can’t tolerate sheer annoying banter about why everything is so wrong with x and y. So for the record, Thank you to Panini, Upper Deck, Topps, Razor, In The Game and many others who create products that I enjoy cracking. At least within my friends circle, we smile as each pack opens, trade with joy and move with our lives. 🙂
Oy Vey! Now I am griping.. time to put my swerve on. Bust out a smile and swim in the ocean of positive vibes. “Guard ya grill, don’t knuckle up. You know my steez.”

Just sayin….


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