Euro 2012: Dive or not to dive?

I am a sports nut by trade. If hockey is not on, I channel surf until I find a sport worth watching. I like Soccer, but only on a world championship level. I used to love watching PL football and have been a Liverpool fan for for years. (I am not a scouse (sp?)) However it doesn’t compare to watching it when the world is involved. Soccer takes on a whole new meaning the minute you cross borders.

I do have a bone to pick. In my hierarchy of sports, Soccer is near the bottom. For two massive reasons.

One of them being idiotic fans. I am not talking about those who cheer on their team, but those who resort to violence to solve their issues. Those who wish to throw firecrackers at a player on the pitch. I can’t stomach it very well. It bothers me to no end. So I save myself from anxiety attacks by only watching Soccer on the world stage. Even then, we are not immune to seeing sheer violent stupidity. Magnified a million times over and for the whole world to see. Anyone got a Panasonic?
The second reason is the massive amounts of diving in this game. I get it, you are trying to draw a card or possession of the ball. But I can’t say I enjoy it. I am a hockey fan first. In our sport we don’t tolerate diving. Mike Ribeiro anyone? These players are not well liked and will eventually reap what they sow. However some Soccer players would win the Oscar for best actor in a diving scene. For that reason alone, I can’t enjoy the game as much as I do hockey or other sports. I am not commenting on whether it is right, or wrong. I just don’t enjoy it. To me its cheating. Euro 2012 has been great to watch and i have to put aside my obvious digust for these acts.

Anyways, back to work for me. I just had to get this off my chest.


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