June 10: Ron Francis aka Ronnie Franchise

Pardon me, I am a few days late in honoring number 10 Ron Francis.

You can’t help but think that Ron Francis is the nicest person in the world based on looks alone. He has a face that reminds me of an old high school Biology teacher who loved helping his students succeed in class.

During the cup run with Carolina, I couldn’t help feel my heart strings tugged when the commentators would speak about his brother. His brother is a special Olympian and suffers from a learning disability. Ron has made it a point to dedicate his life during and after pro hockey to care and help those in need through his charitable ventures. Ron is a lot like Lanny McDonald. A true warrior who is not afraid to lend a hand, give someone a smile and guide them through some rough patches.

I think the Big Man Upstairs put Ron on this earth to help others. Some people do it with money, some do it with status, some people do it because they love to do it. Ron is one of those guys who “do” it because it is the right thing for him to do.

“Personally, it’s almost like it’s not a big deal,” he said Monday before being inducted into the Hall. “It’s something we should all be doing in society as a whole.”

After reading this quote, I realize that I need to help more, do more and be more. I love to help others, but I could always do more. That is the conundrum I face at this very moment. Some fat I need to chew on.

Now that my wife and I are having a child together, I think back on when I was a child and how I wished my life was different. I quickly forget that it has made me the person I am today. However I want to make sure our child is healthy and does not have to face the hardships I went through. I pray daily for him or to be able bodied, smart and healthy. (Secretly I want a Wayne Gretzky, but that isn’t up to me to decide LOL) I pray that he or she has someone like Ron to look up to.

On behalf of all people who need a shoulder to lean on. Thanks Ron. You are the best!


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