Addicted to eBay feedback

Everyone has their own nervous tick. Some people shake their legs, other chew on pens. My nervous tick happens to be checking eBay feedback.

I have a routine, typically every half day, I log into eBay during a small quick break and check my eBay feedback score. For some reason it is very important to me. I guess this feeling is akin to someone triple checking to see if they locked their car door or set the alarm on their phone.

I noticed it today, that I have an online version of a nervous tick. I hadn’t checked in a few hours and it was nagging me. As per usual, I made my tea, opened up my email and quickly auto loaded my eBay home page. Yep, 2 new scores. The seller dashboard looks good. I am logging off. I will repeat this process at least 1 or 2 more times before I go home for the day.

I pride myself on being pretty good about not having any stupid habits or idiosyncrasies. However this defies that logic. I am not sure what it is, but I really want to make sure I am servicing my customers properly. I have no face to face time with my eBay customers so I can’t read facial expressions or have a pleasant chat with them. I am stuck behind a monitor in an expressionless world. It drives me nuts! Even at this moment, I have to resist the urge to check my eBay feedback again. Yup, the dashboard is the same.

Time to go home.


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