Age is only a number

I watch these 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs and I can’t help but wonder how Jaromir Jagr does it. I am nearing the ripe age of 38, unfit to walk a flight of stairs let alone play a hockey game. I am of course embarrassed by this and we will leave my fitness out of this post. HAHA.

I am amazed how players like Jagr, Roloson can continue to bear the insanity of the regular season let alone the playoffs at their age. I tip my cap to Mr. Jagr. I look at you with your greying beard, sitting on the bench ready for your next shift. I can only wish I could be in as good a shape as you are.

If you can do it, so can I! Albeit it would be for a beer league hockey team at some point in the future. Now where did I put that Mars bar?




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