2003-04 Pacific Private Stock Titanium

It is interesting to note that a few players playing in the Stanley Cup are old dawgs from way back.

In some of my big trades, I come across cards that I had forgotten about. Here are two cards that were sought after highly when first released. 2003-04 Pacific Private Stock Titanium Rookies. It was only a year later that Pacific would go under. The lock out was too much for the company to handle. I can only imagine how many businesses must have suffered back then.

The other card I stumbled across was Daniel Briere’s RC from 1996-97 Upper Deck Ice. These were cool sets that had different parallels in it. Ice really took off during 2005-06 when Sid the Kid and Ovechkin were the great rookies to collect that year. If I am not mistaken, wasn’t Cameron Mann a big prospect back then. My how times and fortunes have changed.

Here are the scans.

Daniel Briere RC and Alexander Semin RC and Nicklas Kronwall RC


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