High End Patch Cards

Normally I am not one to complain about collectibles. In fact I think the hobby is in good shape with UD, Panini, ITG and a few other players. Overall, it is fun to collect and that’s all that should matter on the subject. However I do have one bone to pick.

In this case I am going to use Upper Deck The Cup ARP as my base image to illustrate my point. However this issue affects all the manufacturers of trading cards, regardless of sport.

If a person is going to spend well over $350 for a tin of hockey cards, each card that features a game used jersey, should be at minimum a 2 color card. If a 2 color card cannot be generated for the product, then the print runs should be lessened. I am speaking purely from a collector standpoint vs a business standpoint. There should be no white patches in a high end product is what I am trying to say.

Here is my example. In my opinion, the print run should be -1 if this situation arises. Last but not least, if you are going to use an away jersey, make it a single color away jersey piece. At least you are giving the card some TLC!

May as well be just a white card board piece !


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