What to do with 100 million?

During my daily sojourns to work and back, I always listen to either Fan590 or AM 1050 TSN Radio. It is quite enjoyable as I catch up on all my sports news as I get into work and on my way home from work. If any of you live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), you very well know that rush hour is brutal during peak times.

One particular radio broadcast caught my attention. It made me very upset. I was listening to how Warren Sapp, Terrel Owens and Allen Iverson are filing for bankruptcy. Officially declared “broke”.

The rest of us normal folks, get up each day and struggle to make our lives better. Normally I would never let such news affect me. However this time it did. I was angry on two fronts. How can someone blow this much money is beyond me and secondly, why aren’t their respective PA’s doing anything about it?

I am not able to fathom spending $10,000 dollars let alone a few million. Not everyone is as lucky as the Fresh Prince (Will Smith) and can go from rags to riches, twice!

I can’t say I feel sorry for them. They made their bed, but I feel that the PA’s need to step in here and do the best for their paying union members. These are young impressionable people who need some proper guidance.  I hope I get to hear a second rags to riches story with the players mentioned here. Part me is very hopeful. I hope they choose the right paths moving forward. Does AI have “The Answer” now or is it just practice?


2 responses to “What to do with 100 million?

  1. So true, Ameet. Someone is getting rich off sports and it’s not some of the players. The PA should be making sure they get it socked away.

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