Stanley Cup Hologram – Pro Set Hockey

In 1990-91, a company by the name of Pro Set released a new set of hockey cards onto the market. What was expected to be a solid seller for years to come, quickly turned into a dud only a few years later.

The Pro Set card releases helped create an over saturated market for hockey cards in the 90’s, making them worthless today. However during the boom years of Pro Set, the company created a buzz by including a limited Stanley Cup Hologram card that was very hard to find. People at one point paid north of $500 dollars to own the holy grail of that years set.

Today the same card can be found around the $100 mark and I always try to pick one up when I see them. They are still very scarce in today’s market. One theory I have is that many of these cards may be tucked away in collections and the remainder are still in the sealed skids of wax available of this product. Yes there are a bazillion of these boxes still available and can be purchased for less than $10 dollars a box.

I do pick up the odd box or two and will quickly recycle the useless commons in hopes of finding another Stanley Cup Hologram card.

Note: There are still some common error cards that do fetch some ridiculous prices but that happens very rarely.

So here is the card that I am speaking of. I currently own 2 of these.



19 responses to “Stanley Cup Hologram – Pro Set Hockey

  1. I own three of these. One I found in a pack and the other two I bought. The two I bought are unsigned/numbered and one actually was not stamped “the stanley cup” on the front. Are these two true error cards or did I make a bad purchase? Are they valuable?

    • They sell between $50 to $100 from what I have seen. As to indicate whether or not yours are special ones, I’d say it might be. The best way to tell is to possibly offer it up for sale or take it to shops and see how keen the dealers are to buy it. If it were me, I would love a copy of it regardless of the errors. From a hobby standpoint, Pro Set was wracked with error cards. Some are more valuable than others but still valuable. I’d say you did alright as long as you didnt pay more than what I said above. Does that help?

  2. i have a question, on ebay the hockey cards for this set say stanley cup error and when i look at them they have what appears to be part of the foiled scratched off and stuck embedded into the card. is that what a stanley cup error is?? i have a hocket set my aunt gave me when i was a kid and never was into hockey so i didnt pay attention to it. now looking at this set i see one of these foil marks etched in the card. i almost threw it out lol

  3. I have one in hand and just picked one up on eBay for $80 on a Buy it Now option. I have a feeling it was up for sale for about a minute when I saw it! I have not seen one of these up for sale on eBay in about a year so if I see it, I buy it. Total shock that it wasn’t up on auction. I have been offered full book value for my not so mint version of this card. Sorry, it’s not for sale… Yet.

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